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Vehicle list

Here you can find information about our tunes.
Power depends from vehicle's technical condition. Best results can be achieved only if vehicle is in great technical condition. About power gains you can always ask via Databank or Email.

Diesel tuning:

Stage1 tune is for customers who want to get much better performance without pushing the engine too much. Every manufacturer have put limits on Software, but actually vehicle is designed to have more power and run faster with small changes in software. On Stage1 we unlock this power by adjustments in Engine torque, Turbo pressure and minor changes in Injection system (injection duration, injection correction). Stage1 tune can give more power with slightly better fuel consumption due to less gear change and more efficient fuel usage. Of course, if you do not change your driving habits.

Stage2 tune is for customers who wants to get almost maximum performance (but still in safety lines) from the engine and do not care much about a bit bigger fuel consumption. On Stage2 tune we edit almost every map which affects the performance of vehicle: Engine torque (calculated engine torque, maximum torque, optimal engine torque, torque correction, torque request etc), Injection system (injection duration, injection timing, injection corection, fuel quantity injected, smoke limiters), Turbo pressure, Rail pressure maps. The Stage2 remap will not affect fuel consumption on cruising speed, but you might see slightly increased fuel consumption on city driving, especially if you push the accelerator harder.

Petrol tuning:

Petrol tuning however is much different thing. Here, we can't promise a customer better fuel consumption. However, Turbo petrol engines are good for tune, because with almost the same fuel consumption we can get much better performance on Stage1 remaps. On Stage2 tunes, when seeking the best performance and to keep vehicle safe, we need to make a bigger change in AFR (Air Fuel Ratio), which can lead to bigger fuel consumption. Atmospheric petrol engines are usually subject to have very small potential in tuning and only small power gain can be expected (with some exceptions).


We offer almost every removal service as well. We can remove almost any ecological and other system which is not necessary for vehicle to run good. Actually, most of these systems give many problems and we solve them to get vehicle running great again. When using these services, please make sure that you have suitable diagnostic tool not for only to read&clear fault codes, but to make relevant resets to the systems and make scanlogs, read live data. Without proper equipment you might not be able to successfully remove these systems.

If you are removing DPF or SCR please ensure that you have performed related resets on original file with diagnostic tool and vehicle has no pending regeneration or Adblue refill errors! Otherwise solution might not work.

Other information

If you need checksum correction, please always ask! Modern tuning tools calculate checksum and we send files without checksum by default. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.